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At Kramer Communications, we don’t just produce videos; we customize videos to tell your story, be seen by your target audience and produce them to make a difference.

We never lose sight of the fact that your video is about you. With each project our video production company takes on, we take the time to understand, plan and implement the goals and vision you have for your video. Because of our attention to detail and dedication to creating a partnership with our clients, every video featured in our portfolio tells its own story. The videos below are just a small sample of programs we produced for the past 24 years.

Our video production services range from short thirty second public service announcements to long-form video documentaries and everything in between, including:

  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Professional Videos Sharing the Value and Effectiveness of your Service
  • Recruitment Videos for a Cause or Service
  • Safety and Compliance Demonstration Videos
  • Advocacy and Education Videos Highlighting Policy/Social Issues
  • Promotional Videos for New Initiatives and Ideas
  • Videos Highlighting History and its Impact on Society Today
  • Corporate and Industrial Instruction and Training Videos
  • Long and Short-Form Documentaries
  • Non-Profit Recruitment and Fundraising Videos
  • Public Service Announcements and Commercials
  • Conference and Special Event Video Coverage

New Release:

Color & Effects

A two-part animated video created to introduce and navigate through the elements of the BASF Color & Effects Web Site so existing and new customers will be able to access the features to order color pigments from the web site.

Ami’s Dream

Kramer Communications filmed and produced a documentary in Maryland, New York, Holon Israel and Los Angeles entitled: “Ami’s Dream.” The story is about founder of Save A Child ‘s Heart: Ami Cohen who grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland; moved to Israel and became a renown pediatric cardiac surgeon. He tragically died on a medical mission in Africa five years after starting the program. His legacy is the creation of the largest foundation for treating children around the world with heart defects and at present saving over 5000 children, one heart at a time. The documentary is narrated by Mayim Bialik (Blossom, Big Bang Theory).

Mission Possible

Mission Possible takes you on an inspiring, fast-paced ride through Animals’ Angels’ recent campaigns and successes. Strap in for a behind-the-scenes look at their investigations that have chalked up major wins for animals. Animals’ Angels have full-time investigators working throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada to improve conditions for farm animals. We follow them as they risk their lives to improve the lives of animals. We go undercover with them in the field, trailing livestock trucks on highways, and visiting animal markets, auctions, collecting stations, and slaughterhouses. They are not afraid to look at what others want to hide… and shine a light on the darkest deeds. We document the conditions, report observations, and expose animal cruelty to law enforcement, government and the media and hold violators accountable. And it’s paying off… as you’ll see in this exclusive look into the inner workings of Animals’ Angels!

LATCRA Fund Raising

Fund Raising Video for a Non-Profit Community Grass Roots Organization call Lincoln at the Crossroads Alliance in their on-going effort to build a monument in Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia to commemorate Lincoln’s Grand Review. The video features William Davis, Author of the Civil War Times Magazine.

CALEA: In Pursuit of Excellence

A Public Safety Video to introduce the accreditation standards of CALEA: Commission of Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. It examines how accreditation standards are implemented in the daily activities of law enforcement as well as how they apply in catastrophic incidents such as hurricanes in Florida. This video won a Telly Award.

Platinum Ticket’s Final Ride (Trailer)

A two-minute Video Trailer to introduce a Short Documentary that exposes the dirty secrets of the horse slaughter industry through the tragic story of Platinum Ticket. This successful grey Thoroughbred racehorse was discovered in a kill pen at the Knoxville Livestock Auction barely alive with a bullet in his head. The film tells the story of how he got there — from winning purses at the racetrack to winning ribbons in the jumper show ring — until his fortunes suddenly changed. Like tens of thousands of American horses each year, he became trapped in the horse slaughter pipeline – a long cruel road to a brutal death in the slaughterhouses of Mexico and Canada. To view the entire documentary go to:

Price of Paradise Trailer

An Emmy Award Winning Documentary that takes a revealing look at the plight of Iraqi citizens: refugees, professional athletes and police cadets. Their struggle to survive, hopes and dreams for their families and their country. The intent of the film was to enlighten American’s about their plight of the Iraqi people and portrays Iraqis as proud and dignified people who are trying to survive and rebuild their lives under horrific circumstances. The documentary can be viewed in its entirety at:

The Holocaust: Passing the Knowledge

This was a News package that aired on Headline News: HLN documenting a special project sponsored by Comcast Communications. Comcast created an opportunity for high school students from Montgomery County, Maryland to spend a day with Holocaust survivors to candidly talk to the survivors about their plight and feelings towards life and freedom. After the event, the students were challenged to create an art project to reflect on their experience and what they took away from the experience. We worked with a group of high school students to document these events to create the news package which won a Beacon Award.

NewsPlus featuring President Obama

As the Senior Producer of a Weekly News Magazine Show for Tribune Co, WDCW TV 50 called NewsPlus; I had the privilege to shoot and edit local, national and international news and sports. On this occasion I was assigned to cover an event at the White House where President Obama was introducing a new initiative to reach out to underprivileged boys and give them a helping hand.

Filmore Grand Opening

A Promotional Video for Live Nation covering the Grand Opening of the Filmore in Silver Spring, Maryland featuring speeches from politicians, guest appearance from a local comedian Lewis Black and the first act: Mary J. Blige.

NewsPlus featuring the Beatles

As the Senior Producer of a Weekly News Magazine Show for WDCW TV 50 I was assigned to cover the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first concert in the United States. It was held on a snowy day at the Washington Coliseum. Fast forward 50 years later and we interview Tommy Roe, the teen idol who opened for the Beatles, Mike Mitchell, the photographer who documented the event, and several attendees who were in attendance at the Beatles first concert.

Hollywood on the Potomac

A News Package featuring Susan Lucci, Alex Trebeck, along with the Co-founders of Barney, Phil and Kathy Parker to donate artifacts to the Smithsonian for a new Daytime Television exhibit sponsored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This package was aired on Entertainment Tonight.

Jordan Adventure

A Promotional Video taking a look at the Country of Jordan including driving down the streets of Amman, checking out the market, witnessing breathtaking sunsets at Mt, Nebo, seeing birds fly over the Citadel, visiting Wadi Rum Accaba and Petra.

Lincoln at the Crossroads

A Non-Profit Video Community Grass Roots Organization. Many events in American history are long forgotten or a footnote in a history book. One such event that occurred in November, 1861 was Lincoln’s Grand Review at Bailey’s Crossroads. It was the largest review of troops on American soil, it helped sustain the Union Army and it inspired Julia Ward Howe to write the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” This film documents the community grass-roots efforts to commemorate the event and their efforts to build a lasting monument.

Blinded Trailer

An Indy and EMPIXX award winning Short Feature Movie that challenges the viewer’s pre-conceived notions about self-indulgence and self-sacrifice. The story shows that being blind can be more then not having the physical ability to see. It takes a look at the “gray” experiences in life and makes you think about your own values, morals and ethics. The movie in its entirety can be viewed at:

Emmy Night Behind the Scenes

A Promotional Video taking a look behind the scenes at all of the preparations are made to produce a live show for the Emmys for the Chesapeake Region including Washington, Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk. Setting up to record live to tape and live web-streaming with a multicamera broadcast crew and package.

Scuba Diving Compilation

An Underwater Video: Scuba Diving is my advocation and I travel all over the world to experience the beauty and majesty of the underwater world and take a underwater small camera to document the experience. Here is a montage of diving footage from dive spots in Central America, Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan Honduras, Light House Reef, Belize. Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, Acabba, Jordan and Elat, Israel.

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