Kramer Communications is a one-stop shop for film and video production, developing all phases of the process from the creation of the idea to the distribution of the product. Below are just a few of the services we offer.


Kramer Communications provides the planning needed to ensure that the concepts, ideas, and messages will be effectively created within a specified budget and time schedule. It is where the concept is developed a strategy (treatment) of concept is designed, program formats are detailed and a script is written.

The pre-production phase is also where the technical and creative personnel are selected, the talent and casting is handled and equipment is ordered. Shooting locations are scouted, and dates and schedules are confirmed with talent and crew.

We Provide

  • Script Writing: Narration and Shot List
  • Storyboards
  • Selection of Crews
  • Selection of Talent (On and Off Camera)


On simple ENG production shoots a three-person crew consisting of producer/director, cameraman and audio technician are typically used to provide the filming. More complex jobs require crew members with specialized skills.

We Provide

  • ENG Field and Studio Production Crews
  • Producer/Director
  • Technical Director
  • Lighting Director
  • DP and Camera Operators
  • Audio Technicians


Once the filming or videotaping is completed the components are put together to first develop a rough-cut of the video that is equivalent to the first draft of a publication. Non-linear digital editing is a critical part of the process. Post-production work also includes laying in sound, music, narration, voice-overs, special effects, animation and motion graphics.

We Provide

  • Post-Production editing with Final-Cut Pro
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Voice-Over (On and Off Camera)
  • Original and Licensed Music Scores


Kramer Communications’ video production services create multimedia products. Our clients have the option of duplicating their video production program mastered onto DVDs, CDs, Videotape and streaming video on the Internet. Prices are quoted separately for distribution methods and duplication of the program. Quotes are based on the quantity and type of distribution being ordered.

We Provide

  • DVD Replication
  • Video Streaming
  • Live broadcast to tape
  • Live Web Casting

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